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Algol Africa

Algol Africa is private company and currently working and affiliate with Hogo World. The Private Company is based in Uganda with registration number 184208.

Algol Africa aims to be the preferred partner for agencies looking to implement business driven health and social development work; supported by some of the finest minds and professional expertise with core competence in IT and business solutions; multi-specialists in creating and building markets, product designers and service delivery teams with a focus on customers and user friendliness to dramatically create and improve impact in the areas of health, education, water, sanitation and livelihoods.

Hogo world was set up in India in year 2005 to leverage the cost reduction needs of clients based in Europe to outsource their services. We successfully provided over 200 small and big solutions to our esteemed clients in US, UK and other parts of the world and helped them cut down costs. Based in India, Hogo world group today has a turnover of over USD two million per annum and staffed by over 100 professionals with multiple skill sets.

In 2014, we decided to bring our competitive edge to markets in Africa; and have gained valuable insights into the needs of businesses; technology entrepreneurs on the one hand and needs of Governments, public and non-profit sectors on the other. Based on our understanding, we have built a dedicated team based in Africa; which is working on designing solutions to meet demands of this vast continent.

What Algol Africa Services will mean to its clients?

  • Easier, sooner, faster, better approaches to confounding problem based by people in the areas of health, nutritious, water, sanitation, hygiene, education, agriculture, livelihoods.
  • Proven, Improved, effective, innovative, untried solutions that will drive positive change.
  • Leadership and competitive edge.

Our Mission and Vision

Meet The Team

Ravi Mishra

An entrepreneur with a contagious passion for technology has made it his life's mission to share its power through approaches and solutions big and small in every part of world.

Kalyanee Prasad

A marketing and communications specialist with crossover experoence in international development -combines multiple perspectives to drive Algol's growth.

Henery Kasoma

Brings with him expertise from across Africa in marketing and communications,in fields ranging from telecom,healthcare to banking and hospitality